• Me: *texts somebody @ 3 am*
  • Me: *is surprised & offended & upset when they dont respond within 5 minutes*

I love Beyoncé so much bye

pls can you imagine being with somebody for like 8 years and then one day yall kickin it or whatever and they just like “we been together for a long time” and they tell you to close your eyes and you feel them slide a ring onto your finger and you gettin all excited and when you open your eyes its a tiny lil ring and they like “will you rock my promise ring?”

@drake stop dropping hints and just tell me what u about to do heaux!

July is gonna be over in while and nobody has made me delete yet smh

Ok not to brag or anything but i can be so funny sometimes like if i never make anyone else laugh again at least i make myself laugh lol

rihannasblunt yes how did u know

Ive got some things to say….

trophiesftdrake let’s drag him off of instagram tbh